Burlap Hessian Large Biodegradable Recycled Bag
Code : K30-J
Bag Size : 15 x 15 x 4 inches (38 x 38 x 10 cm(
Handles : Round cotton cord handles
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Medium weight 100% biodegradable natural jute fibre, 225 gsm, 7 oz./yardČ

This fancier color dyed jute bag takes a bit of skill to make; especially the joint where the handles touch the bag.

Honestly, we wouldn’t know whether to classify it into the 'shopping bag' category or 'hand bag' category. So let's just call it the 'fancily skilled jute bag'.

If you wish to order this style, please speak with us first about your delivery deadlines, since it takes additional skills and time to make this bag. There's a small mobile pocket tied to one of the handles.

Custom sizes, custom prints, custom colors and handle types available. Call us or email us at info@greenpetalventures.com and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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