The Canvas Leather Fusion Hand Bag Designed By Green Petal Ventures
Code : K03-C
Bag Size : 18 x 15 inches (45 x 38 cm)
Handles : Round cotton cord wrapped with leather
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Heavyweight 100% biodegradable natural cotton canvas, 330 gsm, 10 oz./yardČ

Inspired by a friend, this canvas and artificial leather combination bag was created this month. The elegance of the bag lies in its simplicity; yet is large enough to carry 'just-about-everything'. The natural cotton canvas fabric forms an earthy base, while the colored artificial leather closure adds value to the design. The straps are sewn up to the middle of the bag for extra strength, the zipper is covered for support and the small flap makes perfect sense while closing. The flap has a press button too.

The lining fabric is also made from a soft lightweight 3.5 oz cotton; with a small zippered pocket inside. The artificial leather is available in most basic colors, and the natural canvas fabric can be dyed into most color shades; if the quantity is large. We can custom size it, style it, add or reduce features, do just about whatever you want. Ask us for a sample to see our workmanship and quality. We can imprint custom designs too. Write to us at and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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