Natural And Dyed Calico Canvas Duffel / Duffle / Sailor's Carry Bag.
Code : K13-C
Bag Size : 17 x 9 inches (43 x 22 cm)
Handles : Self dyed handles & straps
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Heavyweight 100% biodegradable natural cotton canvas, 330 gsm, 10 oz./yardČ

The canvas sailor's duffle bag! Made from 12 oz heavy cotton canvas, this bag is a great 'carry all'. The colored borders add to the visual appeal.

There's a shoulder strap and two short handles; and a drawstring closure at the top. During our existence in business, we have experimented with various diameters of this bag (ranging from 20 cm and going up to 45 cm).

One of our customers asked us to add a 8 cm thick foam sponge at the bottom for their bags. Customization is our forte; and we love experimenting. Just give us a design to work with and we'll be happy to bring the bag into existence.

Write to us at and one of us will respond as quickly as we can.

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