The Special Floral Printed Bright Summer Bag by Green Petal Ventures
Code : K09-C
Bag Size : 15 x 16 inches (38 x 41 cm)
Handles : Self handles, 1 x 23 inches
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Medium weight 100% biodegradable natural cotton canvas, 270 gsm, 8 oz./yardČ

The 'Green Petal Special Summer Bag'. Our simple hand-woven khadi fabric which has been dyed and printed with bright floral designs, and then cut and sewn into bags.

If the quantity is large, we can print them according to your choice of design and color. Make sure you express everything, and you'll be pleasantly surprised to know we've made something for you.

At present, this design is large, but the same is possible in smaller sizes and thinner fabrics too. Why dont you write to us at and we'll make you what you want.

We can custom size, style, add or reduce features, do just about whatever you want. GIve us a holler, and we'll make these bags for you. Ask us for a sample to see our workmanship and quality.
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